Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"Allagash" by Gil Gilpatrick is my next entry. 

This is a wonderful portrayal of the lives of the early Wabnaki Indians who depended on the wilderness for their survival. He then goes into the start of Maine's lumbering industry during the 1800's and lastly an account of  a 1980's canoe excursion down the legendary wilderness waterway.
My great uncle, Sam Jalbert, had a sporting camp in the Allagash, near the northwestern Maine border that my parents and I went to back in the late 50's. We did a lot of fishing, exploring and observing moose and it was one of those truly memorable childhood experiences that stays with a person for a lifetime.
Hopefully I will get back to the Allagash once more...


  1. If the book is as good as the beer, then I will check it out.

  2. It is Ed..what's great is that you can follow along the route in the Gazetteer. It would be great to re-trace it..

  3. That is wild place.
    A 3 week trip into those woods would be great.