Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Delorme's Maine Atlas and Gazetteer

Where to start? Well actually I blogged an intro earlier today which you will find below this entry. So scroll on down and then up again....

For pure utility and resource value I'll begin with Delorme's Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. It just can not be beat for all the information it contains and the hours of magnified viewing pleasure that I get combing over page after page. In fact I like it so much that I have 3..the oldest is my beater atlas that I keep at all times in my Jeep..the older is my notated, highlighted and coffee stained working atlas..the newest and "improved" atlas was recently bought at the Delorme home planet store in Freeport. Too bad Cabela's is so far down the road .Freeport could have ran a perfect trifecta...
So there it is, my first choice. It's out there now..


  1. A great book; everyone needs one for each car and a couple to have around the house.