Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fly Fishing Postpartum - Or Nearly

Today I start my latest endeavor in blogdom.

As my fly fishing season is coming to a close because of the combination that most brooks and streams are now being reserved for the mating rituals of the salmonids that are the object of my obsession, colder weather setting in , shorter days and the start of a new school year (there goes that work thing getting in the way of things once again) ; I must now find a new fly fishing outlet in order to make it thru the upcoming winter.
Chances are I won't be posting much to my other blog: 
in the next six months until open water season begins anew in April.

So..I will be posting weekly to this blog which will be devoted to books and a few magazines about fly fishing, fly tying and the Maine sporting traditions related to those activities and which will serve as my catharsis during the off season. Some of the books that I post about, I own.  Most I do not but would like to. 

All I can say to begin with is this: 

I really like books and particularly books about fly fishing and the Maine woods. 
No e-reader for me thank you!

Where do I begin? Most utilitarian, most referred to, newest, simply helpful, ones that I would like to own? I don't know. Guess I'll have to start gathering up the ones I do own and start from there.

And most importantly:

Book suggestions, input on books that you own, critiques and comments from you dear reader are very highly encouraged.

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